Michelle1963 (michelle1963) wrote,

Dream ~ A VERY Strange Game of Pool

I find myself in an entryway the size of a roller rink in a huge mansion.  The entry way is ringed by a wide second story balcony, rooms behind. The space is carpeted in a muted salmon, and in the middle of this huge room sits a pool table, mahogany wood and the felt the same color as the carpet.  The classically colored pool balls show up well on this odd colored felt, so I am unconcerned. 

It is my turn to shoot, but people are crowding the table, oblivious to the game, and keep bumping me, getting in my way.  I don't understand.  The room is huge and the crowd is not large, so why do they have to be right next to the pool table when they obviously don't care about the game?  I finally see my chance and shoot, only to realize that although the ball had gone in
the pocket, I'd failed to use the cue ball to strike it, instead shooting it directly.  I am embarrassed and angry, but no one seems to notice my faux pas.  Still, I am determined to make the shot correctly and start looking for the cue ball.  An eleven or twelve year old boy has it in hand and is playing with it.  I walk over, take it from him, only to find it is impossible for me to return to the pool table.  There are just too many people around the table, even though the rest of the room is nearly empty.

I make my way up to the second story landing, thinking maybe if I can get above the crowd, I can take my next shot from there.  I'm wondering if I can balance the cue ball on the railing.

Suddenly, the entire first floor becomes the pool table.  The balls are spread out, and the people are no longer crowded in one spot.  Only problem is the balls have become the same color as the carpet, and people are still managing to walk through my line of sight. 

I wake up.
Tags: dreams
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